Library Catalogue

The Community Classics Centre is home to a wide range of books for all age groups and all knowledge levels. It includes fiction and non-fiction, textbooks, magazines, and also a number of DVDs.  The full catalogue is listed below. You are able to borrow items from the Library by emailing to organise picking the item up, or by attending our Sunday drop-in sessions between 1 and 2.30pm.

All our items have been donated to the centre by individuals as well as institutions. We would like to thank the following for their donations:

Classics Conclave, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, The Dragon School, George Sharpley, The Alex Roberts-Miller Foundation, Headington School, Bettany Hughes and many other kind individuals.

If you would like to donate any books or other materials to the centre, please get in touch with us through the website.

Primary Texts




Aeschylus, Agamemnon (ed. J.C. Lawson)

Aeschylus, Eumenides (trans. Hugh Lloyd-Jones)

Aeschylus, Persians (trans. Janet Lembke & C.J. Henington)

Aeschylus, Suppliants and Other Dramas (trans. Michael Ewans)

Aeschylus, The Libation Bearers (trans. Hugh Lloyd-Jones)

Aeschylus, The Oresteia (trans. Michael Ewans)

Aeschylus, The Oresteia (trans. Robert  Lowell)

Aeschylus, Agamemnon (trans. Louis Macneice)

Aesop, Fables (trans. Laura Gibbs) (3 copies)

Aristophanes, Birds and Other Plays (trans. Stephen Halliwell) (2 copies)

Aristophanes, Clouds (trans. Jeffrey Henderson)

Aristophanes, Frogs (ed. Sir Kenneth Dover) (2 copies)

Aristophanes, Lysistrata (trans. Dudley Fitts)

Aristophanes, Wasps, Clouds, Birds, Festival Time, Frogs (trans. Kenneth McLeish)
Aristotle, Poetics (trans. Anthony Kenny) (2 copies)

Arrian, Alexander (trans. Aubrey De Selincourt) (2 copies)
Arrian, Alexander the Great (trans. Martin Hammond) (2 copies)

Demosthenes, Orationaes III (ed. M.R. Dilts) (2 copies)

Euripides, Alcestis and other plays (trans. Philip Vellacott) (4 copies)
Euripides, Bacchae (trans. & comm. David Franklin) (2 copies)
Euripides, Hecuba (transl. & comm. John Harrison) (2 copies)
Euripides, Heracles and Other Plays (trans. Robin Waterfield)

Euripides, Hippolytus (trans. & comm. Ben Shaw) (2 copies)Euripides, Hippolytus (trans. Gilbert & Sarah Lawall)

Euripides, Orestes and Other Plays (trans. Robin Waterfield) (3 copies)

Euripides, The Complete Euripides works IV: Bacchae and Other Plays (ed. Peter Burian and Alan Shapiro) (2 copies)

Herodotus, Herodotus and the Persian Wars (trans. J. Claughton) (2 copies)

Herodotus, The Histories (trans. Walter Blanco) (2 copies)
Hesiod, Theogony and Works and Days (trans. M.L. West) (2 copies)

Homer, The Iliad (trans. E.V. Rieu) (2 copies)
Homer, Odyssey (trans. Walter Shewring)

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (trans. Gregory Hayes)

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (trans. Maxwell Stanisforth)

Pindar, Odes (ed. T.E. Page)
Plato, The Last Days of Socrates (trans. Hugh Tredennick) (2 copies)

Plato, The Republic (trans. Francis MacDonald Cornford)
Plato, The Symposium (trans. W. Hamilton) (2 copies)

Plato, The Symposium (trans. Alexander Nehamas & Paul Woodruff)

Plato, Selected Myths (ed. Catalin Partenie)
Plutarch, Demosthenes and Cicero (ed. Andrew Lintott) (2 copies)
Plutarch, Makers of Rome (trans. Ian Scott-Kelvert) (3 copies)
Plutarch, The Age of Alexander (trans. Ian Scott-Kilvert & Timothy Duff) (8 copies)
Plutarch, The Fall of the Roman Republic (trans. Rex Warner) (3 copies)

Plutarch, Lives (Vol.1) (trans. Dryden)

Sophocles, Ajax (trans. H. Golder & Richard Pevear)
Sophocles, Antigone (trans. Reginald Gibbons and Charles Segal) (2 copies)

Sophocles, Antigone (trans. Mary Whitlock Blundell)

Sophocles, Electra (trans. and comm. Eric Dugdale) (2 copies)Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus (trans. Mary Whitlock Blundell)
Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannus (transl & comm. Ian McAnslan and Judith Affleck) (2 copies)
Sophocles, Philoctetes (trans. & comm. Judith Affleck) (2 copies)

Sophocles, Philoctetes (trans. Carl Philips)

Sophocles, Women of Trachis (trans. C.K. Williams & Gregory W. Dickerson)

Theocritus, Idylls (trans. Robert Wells)

Theophrastus, The Characters & Menander, Plays and Fragments (trans. Philip Vellacott)

Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War (trans. E.V. Rieu)

Various, Greek Political Oratory (trans. A.N.W. Saunders) (2 copies)

Xenophon, The Expedition of Cyrus (trans. Robin Waterfield) (2 copies)

Xenophon, The Persian Expedition (trans. Rex Warner)




Apuleius, The Golden Ass (trans. William Adlington)

Bede, Ecclesiastical History books 1 and 2: text (2 copies)

Caesar, Libri VII De Bello Gallico (Oxford Classical Texts)

Catullus, Poems (trans. Peter Whigham)

Cheesman Clive & Williams, John (trans.& ed.), Classical Love Poetry (2 copies)

Cicero, Pro Milone, In Pisonem, Pro Scauro, Pro Fonteio, Pro Rabrio Postumo, Pro Marcello, Pro Ligario, Pro Rege Deiotaro (Loeb)

Cicero, Selected Works (trans. W.G. Shepherd)

Harris, Ben, The Gruffalo: Latin Edition (2 copies)

Horace, Odes and Epodes (trans. W.G. Shepherd)

Horace, Odes and Epodes (trans. David West)

Horace, Epistles (Loeb)

Horace, Satires and Epistles and Persius, Satires (trans. N. Rudd)

Juvenal, Satires (trans. William Gifford)

Livy, The Early History of Rome (trans. Aubrey De Selincourt)

Lucan, The Civil War (Loeb)

Lucretius, De Rerum Natura (trans. Cyril Bailey)

Lucretius, The Nature of the Universe (trans. R.E. Latham)

Lucretius, On The Nature of the Universe (trans. Ronald Melville)

Lucretius, On The Nature of the Universe (trans. R.E. Latham)

Martial, Letters to Juvenal and other poems (trans. Peter Whigham)

Ovid, Amores (trans. Tom Bishop)

Ovid, Heroides (trans. Harold Isbell)

Ovid, Metamorphoses (trans. A.D. Melville) (2 copies)

Ovid, Ovid in English (trans. C. Martin)

Ovid, Sorrows of Exile (trans. A.D. Melville)

Ovid, The Love Poems (trans. A.D. Melville)

Ovid, The Erotic Poems (trans. Peter Green)

Petronius, Satyrica & Seneca, Apocolocyntosis (Loeb)

Plautus, Amphitruo (ed. W.B. Sedgwick) (2 copies)

Plautus, Casina (trans. Thomas MacCary & M. Willcock) (2 copies)

Plautus, Comediae (Oxford Classical Texts)

Plautus, Epidicus, The Two Menaechmuses (Loeb)

Plautus, Four Comedies (trans. Erich Segal) (2 copies)

Plautus I (Loeb)

Plautus II (Loeb)

Pliny, The Letters of the Younger Pliny (trans. Betty Radice) (2 copies)

Propertius, Elegies (Loeb)

Propertius, Poems (trans. A.E. Watts)

Propertius, Poems (trans. Guy Lee)

Propertius, Poems (trans. W.G. Shepherd)

Sallust, Works (Loeb)

Seneca, Apocolocyntosis (Loeb)

Suetonius, Lives of the Caesars (trans. Catharine Edwards)

Tacitus, The Agricola and the Germania (trans. H. Mattingley) (2 copies)

Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome (trans. Michael Grant) (2 copies)

Tacitus, The Annals IV-VI, XI-XII (Loeb)

Tacitus, The Annals XIII-XVI (Loeb)

Tacitus, The Histories IV-V, The Annals I-III (Loeb)

Terence, Phormio, The Mother-in-Law, The Brothers II (Loeb)

Terence, The Lady of Andros, The Self-Tormentor, The Eunuch I (Loeb)

Tibullus, The Poems (trans. Philip Dunlop)

Velleius Paterculus, Res Gestae, Divi Augusti (Loeb)
Virgil, The Georgics (trans. L. P. Wilkinson)

Virgil, The Aeneid (trans. Frederic Ahl) (3 copies)
Virgil, The Aeneid (trans. W.F. Jackson Knight) (2 copies)

Virgil, The Aeneid of Virgil (trans. C. Day Lewis)

Virgil, The Aeneid (trans. Robert Fitzgerald)

Virgil, Aeneid: Book 8 (trans. K.W. Gransden)

Walker, Mark, Tolkien: Hobbitus Ille (2 copies)



Literary Criticism & Analysis/Commentaries

Adcock, F.E., Caesar as Man of Letters

Ash, Rhiannon, Tacitus (2 copies)

Balme, M.G. & Warman, M.S., Aestimanda  (2 copies)

Balmer, Josephine, Classical Women Poets (2 copies)

Baragwanath, Emily, Motivation and Narrative in Herodotus

Bowra, C.M. Tradition and Design in the Iliad

Burnand, Chris, Tacitus and the Principate (2 copies)

Camps, W.A., An Introduction to Homer (4 copies)

Camps, W.A., An Introduction to Virgil’s Aeneid

Clarke, Howard C., The Art of the Odyssey

Davis, Arthur & Kennedy, Eburhard, Two Centuries of Roman Prose (2 copies)
De May, Philip, Lucretius: poet and Epicurean  (2 copies)

Edmunds, Lowell, Oedipus  (2 copies)

Finley, John H., Homer’s Odyssey

Gransden, K.W., Virgil: Aeneid 8              

Hopkins, John, The Best of the Achaeans  (2 copies)

Ireland, Stanley, Menander: Dyskolos, Samia and Other Plays: A Companion  (2 copies)

Johnson, Marguerite, Catullus in Contemporary Perspective (Antichthon Volume 40)

Jones, Peter, Homer's Odyssey: A Commentary (2 copies)
Jones, Peter, Reading Ovid  (2 copies)
Jones, Peter, Reading Virgil  (2 copies)

Levene, D., Livy on the Hannibalic War  (2 copies)

Maclennan, Keith, Horace: A poet for a new age (2 copies)

Miller, D.J.D & Wilson, B.W.J.G, Stories from Herodotus

Morwood, James, Virgil, a poet in Augustan Rome  (2 copies)

Owen, E.T., The story of the Iliad

Page, Denys, History and the Homeric Iliad

Poschl, Viktor, The Art of Vergil

Robinson, Lorna, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ovid: Magical and Monstrous Realities (2 copies)

Said, Suzanne, Homer and the Odyssey  (2 copies)

Syme, Sir Ronald, Ten Studies in Tacitus

Vivante, Paolo, Homer

Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew, Suetonius

Weiss, Charles, Homer's Odyssey (2 copies)

West, David, Reading Horace

Willcock, Malcolm M., A Companion to the Iliad  (2 copies)


Literary History


Bracke, Evelien, Hodkinson, Owen & Rosenmeyer, Patricia A., Epistolary Narratives in Ancient Greek Literature  (2 copies)

Coffey, Michael, Roman Satire

Cooley, Alison E., The Cambridge Manual of Latin Epigraphy (2 copies)

Dover, K.J., Ancient Greek Literature  (2 copies)

Farrell, Joseph, Latin Language and Latin Culture  (2 copies)

Kenyon, Frederic G., Books and Readers in Greece and Rome

Kitto, H.D.F., Greek Tragedy

Lane Fox, Robin, Travelling Heroes

Lawrence, Stuart, Moral Awareness in Greek Tragedy  (2 copies)

Luck, George, The Latin Love Elegy  (2 copies)

Murray, Gilbert, The Rise of the Greek Epic

Norwood, Gilbert, Greek Tragedy

Scodel, Ruth, An Introduction to Greek Tragedy  (2 copies)

Sharpley, George, Carmina Latina: A Songbook of Latin Poetry (8 copies)

Taplin, Oliver, Literature in the Greek World  (2 copies)

Wight Duff, J., The Literary History of Rome  (2 copies)


The Classical Tradition and Classically Inspired/Derived Fiction


Crowe, V., The Ascendant  (2 copies)

Harrison, Tony, The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus

Heaney, Seamus, The Cure at Troy

Hughes, Ted, Tales from Ovid (2 copies)

Lawrence, Caroline, The Sirens of Surrentum (4 copies)

Ogilvie, R.M., Stories from Livy (3 copies)

Parkins, David & Platt, Richard, Roman Diary (2 copies)
Rawson, Elizabeth, The Spartan Tradition in European Thought

Rood, Tim, The Sea! The Sea! (2 copies)
Ross, Steward, Tales of the Dead: Ancient Rome (2 copies)

West, Colston, Jason! (28 copies)

Zeff, Claudia, Jason and the Golden Fleece (6 copies) (Usborne young readers)




Arnott, Peter D., An Introduction to Greek Theatre

Baldry, H.C., The Greek Tragic Theatre  (2 copies)

Brown, Peter & Ograjensek, Suzana, Ancient Drama in Music for the Modern Stage  (2 copies)

Dugdale, Eric, Greek Theatre in Context

Green, Richard & Handley, Eric, Images of the Greek Theatre

Kowalzig. Barbara, Singing for the Gods  (2 copies)
Moore, Timothy, Roman Theatre  (2 copies)

Sandbach, F.H., The Comic Theatre of Greece and Rome  (2 copies)

Simon, Erika, The Ancient Theatre

Swaddling, Judith, The Greek Theatre  (2 copies)

General History

Cary, M., The Geographical Background of Greek and Roman History

Cootes, J.J. & Snellgrove, L.E., The Ancient World  (2 copies)

Edgar, Hermann & Reyes, Abbreviated Lays (6 copies)

Finley, M.I., Aspects of Antiquity

Finley, M.I., The Ancient Economy (3 copies)

Grant, Michael, The Visible Past

Starr, Chester G., A History of the Ancient World  (2 copies)


Greek History


Adcock, F.E., Bury, J.B., Cook, S.A. (eds.), The Cambridge Ancient History Volume V: Athens 478 - 401 B.C.

Archibald, Zofia, Discovering the World of the Ancient Greeks

Boardman, John, Griffin, Jasper, Murray, Oswyn, Greece & the Hellenistic World

Bowra, C.M., Periclean Athens  (2 copies)
Bowra, C.M., Classical Greece: Great Ages of Man  (2 copies)
Burn, A.R. & Burn, Mary, The Living Past of Greece (2 copies)

Bury, J.B. & Meiggs, Russell, A History of Greece (3 copies)

Bury, J.B., History of Greece for Beginners

Carteldge, Paul, Ancient Greece (2 copies)

Fields, Nic, Syracuse 415-413BC – Destruction of the Athenian Imperial Fleet

Fields, Nic, Thermopylae 480BC – the last stand of the 300

Finley, M.I., Early Greece: The Bronze and Archaic Ages

Finley, M.I., The World of Odysseus

Fol, Alexander & Marazov, Ivan, Thrace and The Thracians (2 copies)

Glotz, Gustave, Ancient Greece at Work

Grant, Michael, The Rise of the Greeks

Liddell, Robert, Aegean Greece

Meier, Christine, Athens: A Portrait of the City in its Golden Age

Millard, A. & Peach, S., The Greeks (8 copies)

Murray, Oswyn, Early Greece (2 copies)

Prokopion & Smith, Athens  (2 copies)

Rhodes, P.J., The Greek City States

Sekunda, Nick, The Spartan Army

Sekunda, Nick, The Ancient Greeks

Shepherd, William, Salamis 480BC – the naval campaign that saved Greece

Starr, Chester G., The Ancient Greeks

Stone, I.F., The Trial of Socrates (2 copies)

Thompson, Michael, Granicus, 334BC – Alexander's First Persian Victory

Walbank, E.W., The Hellenistic World

Whitby, Michael, Sparta  (2 copies)

Wood, Michael, The Road to Delphi

Zimmern, Alfred, The Greek Commonwealth (2 copies)


Roman History


Adkins, Lesley & Adkins, Roy, The Romans

Barker, Phil, Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome  (2 copies)

Badcock, J. & Tingay, G.I.F., These were the Romans

Beard, Mary, The Fires of Vesuvius (2 copies)

Boardman, John, Griffin, Jasper, Murray, Oswyn, The Oxford History of the Roman World  (2 copies)

Boatwright, Mary T., Peoples of the Roman World (2 copies)

Bowder, Diana, Who Was Who in the Roman World  (2 copies)

Bowman, Alan K., Life and Letters on the Roman Frontier

Bradley, Pamela, Ancient Rome

Campbell, Duncan, Mons Graupius AD83 – Rome's battle at the edge of the world

Caselli, Giovanni, The Roman Empire (2 copies)

Connolly, Peter, Hannibal and the Enemies of Rome

Corbishley, Mike, Ancient Rome

Corbishley, Mike, The Roman World

Corney, L.C., The Story of Rome (4 copies)

Crawford, Michael, The Roman Republic (2 copies)

Cunliffe, Barry, Rome and the Barbarians (3 copies)

Davies, Anthony, The Assassination of Julius Caesar  (2 copies)

Dilke, O.A.W., The Ancient Romans

Eye Witness Guides, Ancient Rome (7 copies)

Feyel, Gilles, Signposts Series: Times of the Romans  (2 copies)

Fields, Nic, Spartacus and the Slave War 73-71BC – A gladiator rebels against Rome

Galinsky, Karl, The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Augustus

Ganeri, Anita, Focus on Romans

Gibbons, Edward, Decline of the Roman Empire  (2 copies)

Grabsky, Phil, I, Caesar: Ruling the Roman Empire

Grant, Michael, History of Rome

Grant, Michael, The World of Rome

Hadas, Moses, Imperial Rome (2 copies)

Harris, Nathaniel, History of Ancient Rome

Haywood, John, The Romans

Healy, Mark, Cannae 216BC – Hannibal smashes Rome's army

Hennessy, Dianne (ed.), Studies in Ancient Rome

James, Simon, Eye Witness Guides: Ancient Rome (8 copies)

Longman, Great Civilisations 3: Ancient Rome (2 copies)

Lott, J.Bert, Death and Dynasty in Early Imperial Rome (2 copies)

McNally, Michael, Teutoburg Forest AD9 – the destruction of Varus and his legions

Ogilvie, R.M., Early Rome and the Etruscans  (2 copies)

Payne, Robert, The Gold of Troy

Ramonalt, Sophie, The Romans  (2 copies)

Rankor, Dr Boris, The Praetorian Guard

Richardson, John, Roman Provincial Administration

Ridd, Stephen, Julius Caesar in Gaul and Britain (2 copies)

Robson, Walter, Rome the Empire (18 copies)

Rostovtzeff, M., Rome

Scullard, H.H., From The Gracchi to Nero

Seager, Robin, The Crisis of the Roman Republic

Shelton, Jo-Ann, As the Romans Did

Shepherd, Si, Pharsalus 48BC – Caesar and Pompey

Shepherd, Si, Philippi 42BC – the death of the Roman Republic

Shepherd, Si, Actium 31BC – downfall of Antony and  Cleopatra

Sherwin-White, N., Ancient Rome  (2 copies)

Steffenson, James, Ancient Rome vol.3 Universal History of the World (2 copies)
Stevenson, G.H., Roman Provincial Administration till the Age of the Antonines

Wacher, John, The Coming of Rome (2 copies)

Watson, Lyndsey & Patricia, Roman Byways (Antichthon Volume 43)

Wellard, James, By the Waters of Babylon

Woolf, Greg, Roman World (2 copies)

Whitock, Martin, The Roman Empire (2 copies)

Zafiropulo, Jem, Mead and Wine: A history of the Bronze Age in Greece

Roman Britain


Allason-Jones, Lindsay, Artefacts in Roman Britain (2 copies)

Bennett, Julian, Towns in Roman Britain (2 copies)

Birley, Anthony, The People of Roman Britain

Branigan, Keith, Roman Britain  (2 copies)

Breeze, David J., The Northern Frontiers of Roman Britain

Breeze, David, Hadrian's Wall (2 copies)

Burley, Life in Roman Britain  (2 copies)

Clayton, Peter, A Companion to Roman Britain

Collingwood, R.G., Roman Britain

Cunliffe, Barry, The Regni

De la Bédoyère, Guy, Roman Towns in Britain

Embleton, Ronald, Hadrian's Wall Reconstructed (2 copies)

Fields, Nic, Boudicca's Rebellion AD60-61

Forde-Johnston, James, Hadrian’s Wall

Goodburn, Roger, Chedworth Roman Villa

Johnston, David E., Roman Roads in Britain

Lane, Peter, Roman Britain  (2 copies)

Legg, Rodney, Romans in Britain

Rathbone, D.W. & Rathbone, Yvette (eds.), Literary Sources for Roman Britain (Lactor 11)

Rivet, A.L.F., The Roman Villa in Britain

Rivet, A.L.F., Town and Country in Roman Britain

Rook, Tony, Roman Baths in Britain (2 copies)

Taylor, Boswell (ed.), Early Britain: Picture References 25  (2 copies)

Todd, Malcolm, Research on Roman Britain 1960 – 1989
Todd, Malcolm, Roman Britain 55BC – AD400  (2 copies)

Wacher, John, Roman Britain

Watney, John, Roman Britain – Pitkin Guides (2 copies)

Wilson, Roger J.A., A guide to the Roman remains in Britain

Yorkshire Museum, Roman Life at the Yorkshire Museum (2 copies)




Aksit, Ilhan, Lycia: the land of light  (2 copies)
Aksit, Ilhan, The Civilization of Western Anatolia  (2 copies)

Blegen, Carl, Troy and the Trojans

Bolton, James, Ancient Crete and Mycenae (2 copies)

Chadwick, John, The Mycenaean World

Cottrell, Leonard, The Lion Gate: A Journey in Search of The Myceneans

Cristofani, Mauro, The Etruscans – A new investigation

Erdemgil, Selahattin, Ephesus  (2 copies)

Farokh, Dr Kaveh, Sassanian Eltie Cavalry AD224-642

Field, G.L., The Minoans of Ancient Crete

Grant, Michael, The Ancient Mediterranean

Hood, Sinclair, The Home of the Heroes

James, T.G., An Introduction to Ancient Egypt  (2 copies)

Lancaster, Orbert, Sailing to Byzantium  (2 copies)

Liversidge, Joan, Roman Gaul

MacDonald, Fiona, Step into the Celtic World (2 copies)

Macleod, Roy (ed.), The Library of Alexandra

Nicolle, David, Constantinople 1453 – The End of Byzantium

Norwich, John, J., Byzantium: The Early Centuries

Picard, Charles, Daily Life in Carthage at the time of Hannibal (2 copies)

Pike, E. Royston, Ancient Persia

Sekunda, Nick, The Persian Army

Sellman, R.R., Ancient Egypt

Todd, Malcolm, The Barbarians: Goths, Franks and Vandals

Willetts, R.F., Everyday Life in Ancient Crete
Willetts, R.F., Ancient Crete: A Social History (2 copies)



Bamm, Peter, Alexander the Great

Briant, Pierre, Alexander the Great: The Heroic Ideal
Cheshire, Keyne, Alexander the Great  (2 copies)

Gelzer, Matthias, Caesar

Goldsworthy, Adrian, Caesar

Greenhalgh, Peter, Pompey: The Roman Alexander (2 copies)

Harrill, Burt, Paul the Apostle  (2 copies)

Holland, Richard, Augustus

Hughes, Bettany, Helen of Troy

Hughes, Bettany, The Hemlock Cup  (2 copies)

Shotter, David, Nero

Smith, R.E., Cicero the Statesman

Southern, Pat, Augustus

Taylor, David, Cicero and Rome (2 copies)


Society and Culture


Roman Military

Brocklehurst, Ruth, Roman Army (2 copies)
Brocklehurst, Ruth, Roman Warfare (2 copies)

Campbell, Duncan B., Seige Warfare in the Roman World 146BC-AD378

Connolly, Peter, The Legionary (2 copies)

Connolly, Peter, The Roman Fort

Cowan, Ross, Roman legionary 58BC-AD69

Embleton, Ronald & Robinson, Russell, The Armour of the Roman Legions  (2 copies)

Fields, Nic, The Roman Army of the Punic Wars 264-146BC

Simms, Lesley, Roman Soldier's Handbook  (2 copies)


Other Military


Connolly, Peter, The Cavalryman (2 copies)
Connolly, Peter, The Greek Armies  (2 copies)

Campbell, Duncan B., Ancient Seige Warfare: Persians, Greeks, Carthiginians and Romans 546-146BC

Sidebottom, Harry, Ancient Warfare: a very short introduction  (2 copies)

Tritle, Campbell, Oxford Handbook of Warfare in the Classical World  (2 copies)


Politics and Government


Adcock, F.E., Roman Political Ideas and Practice

Adkins, Arthur W.H. & White, Peter (eds.), The Greek Polis

Cartledge, Paul, Ancient Greek Political Thought in Practice (3 copies)

Clayton, R.W.J. (ed.), Athenian Politics (Lactor 5)

Davies, J.K., Democracy and Classical Greece (2 copies)

Finley, M.I. Democracy Ancient and Modern

Finley, M.I., Politics in the Ancient World (2 copies)

Jones, A.H.M., Roman Government and Law

London Association of Classical Teachers, Roman Politics (Lactor 7) (2 copies)

Staveley, E.S., Greek and Roman Voting and Elections


Roman Society


Brunt, P.A., Social Conflicts in the Roman Republic

Buchanan, David, Aspects of Roman Life: Roman Sport and Entertainment  (2 copies)

Carcopino, Jérôme, Daily Life in Ancient Rome (2 copies)

Clarke, M.L., The Roman Mind

Deighton, Hilary J., A day in the life of Ancient Rome

Dillon, Eilis, Living in Imperial Rome  (2 copies)

Dupont, Florence, Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Gelzer, Matthias, The Roman Nobility

Hill, H., The Roman Middle Class in the Republic Period

Hodge, Peter, Aspects of Roman Life: The Roman House (8 copies)

Howarth, Sarah, Roman Places

Liversidge, Joan, Everyday Life in the Roman Empire

Massey, Michael, Society in Imperial Rome (2 copies)

Mattingly, Harold, Roman Imperial Civilisation

Purves, Amanda, Growing up in Ancient Rome  (2 copies)

Scheidel, Walter, The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Economy (2 copies)

Syme, Sir Ronald, The Roman Revolution

Taylor, David, Roman Society (2 copies)

Treggiari, Susan, Roman Marriage

Treggiari, Susan, Roman Social History

Von Hagen, Victor W., Roman Roads (2 copies)

Wisdom, Stephen, Gladiators 100BC-AD200


Greek Society


Beale, Alan, Greek Athletics in the Olympics  (2 copies)

Bonnard, André, Greek Civilisation

Bowra, C.M., The Greek Experience (3 copies)

Butcher, S.H., Some Aspects of Greek Genius

Dover, K.J., Greek Popular Morality

Earp, F.R., The Way of the Greeks

Licht, Hans, The Sexual Life in Ancient Greece

Osborne, Robin, The World of Athens: An Introduction to Classical Athenian Culture 2nd Edition (2 copies)

Quennell, C.H.B & Quennell, Marjorie, Everyday Things in Homeric Greece

Seaford, Richard, Ancient Greece and Global Warming

Strauss, Barry S., Fathers and Sons in Athens

Tarn, Sir William, Hellenistic Civilisations
Unstead, R.J., See Inside An Ancient Greek Town


Currie, H. Mac L., The Individual and the State

Finley, M.I., Studies in Ancient Society

Hands, A.R., Charities and Social Aid in Greece and Rome

McCoskey, Denise, E., Race, Antiquity and Its Legacy  (2 copies)

Scott, Michael, Space and Society in the Greek and Roman World  (2 copies)

Rodewald, Cosmo, Democracy: Ideas and Realities (2 copies)
White, K.D., Country Life in Classical Times (2 copies)

Mythology, Religion and Philosophy


Bellingham, David, An Introduction to Greek Mythology  (2 copies)

Dalley, Stephanie (trans.), Myths from Mesopotamia

De Crescenzo, Lucinano, The History of Greek Philosophy volume I – The Pre-Socratics
De Crescenzo, Lucinano, The History of Greek Philosophy volume II – Socrates and Beyond

Ehrenberg, Victor, Man, State and Deity  (2 copies)

Grant, Michael, Myths of the Greeks and Romans  (2 copies)

Graves, Robert, Greek Myths

Green, Lancelyn R. & Head, Bodley, Tales the Muses Told (2 copies)

Hamlyn, Paul, Roman Mythology (2 copies)

March, Jenny, The Penguin Book of Classical Myths

Morales, Helen, Classical Mythology: a very short introduction  (2 copies)

Ogilvie, R.M., The Romans and Their Gods (2 copies)

Severin, Tim, The Jason Voyage

Severin, Tim, The Ulysses Voyage

Walsh, John, Tales of the Heroes

Warrior, Valerie M., Roman Religion (2 copies)


Art and Architecture


Boardman, John, Greek Art  (2 copies)

Derambez, Pierre, Greek Painting  (2 copies)

Editions Kina Italia, Treasures of Italy: Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius – Civilsation and Art  (2 copies)

Maiuri, Amedeo, Pompeian Wall Paintings  (2 copies)

Sparkes, Brian, New Surveys in the Classics No. 40: Greek Art, 2nd (2 copies)

Sparkes, Brian, Visual Impact

Spivey, Nigel, Greek Sculpture  (2 copies)

Stansbury-O'Donnell, Mark D., Looking at Greek Art  (2 copies)

Stewart, Peter, New Surveys in the Classics No. 34 Roman Art (2 copies)

Tomlinson, R.A., Greek and Roman Architecture  (2 copies)

Toynbee, J.M.C., Animals in Roman Life and Art

Warre Cornish, F. (ed.), Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities

Wood, Tim, Roman Palace

Wilson, Roger, Roman Forts

Wheeler, Mortimer, Roman Art and Architecture  (2 copies)

Woodford, S., An Introduction to Greek Art  (2 copies)
Woodford, Susan, Images of Myths in Classical Antiquity  (2 copies)


Teaching Material/Textbooks


Balme, Maurice & Lawall, Gilbert, Athenazae (13 copies)

Beard, Henry, Latin For Even More Occasions (2 copies)

Beard, Henry, X-Treme Latin

Beard, Mary & Henderson, John, Classics: a very short introduction (4 copies)

Beard, Mary, Confronting the Classics
Bell, Barbara, Minimus: Moving On in Latin (4 copies) (& Teacher’s Resource Book x2)
Bell, Barbara, Minimus: Starting Out in Latin (12 copies) (& Teacher’s Resource Book x1)

Browen, Anthony, Advanced Latin Unseens  (2 copies)

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Latin Course book 1 (multiple copies)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Latin Course book 2 (multiple copies)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Latin Course book 3 (multiple copies)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Latin Course Teacher's Handbook I (2 copies)

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Latin Course Teacher's Handbook IIA and IIB (2 copies)
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Latin Course Teacher's Handbook IIIA and IIIB (2 copies)

Capellanus, Georg, Latin Can Be Fun (2 copies)

Chrisp, Peter, Explore Ancient Rome  (2 copies)
Chrisp, Peter & Haslam, Andrew, Make It Work: The Roman Empire (2 copies)

Corsas, P .Kenneth, Mackinnon, Niall, Reid, Andrew, Rooney, James, Smith, Robert S., Discovering the Greeks

Croft, Alice M., Easy Exercises in Latin Syntax  (2 copies)
Deary, Terry, Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans  (2 copies)
Eye Witness Books, Ancient Greece Ages 8-12 (4 copies)

Freebairn-Smith, S.J. & Littlejohn, G.N., Winner Take All

Greig, Clarence, Great Civilisations: Greece (8 copies) (ladybird edition)
Hardie, P., New Survey in the Classics No. 28: Virgil  (2 copies)

JACT, Reading Greek: Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises (2 copies)
JACT, Reading Greek: Text (2 copies)

JACT, The World of Athens

James, Simon, Eye Witness Guides: Ancient Rome (8 copies)
Jones, Peter & Sidwell, Keith, Reading Latin: Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises (2 copies)
Jones, Peter & Sidwell, Keith, Reading Latin: Text (4 copies)

Kennedy, Eburhard, Latin Unseens (2 copies)

Malam, John, You wouldn't be a Roman Gladiator (2 copies)

Morford, Mark, A New Latin Reading  (2 copies)

Osborne, Robin, Filling the Gaps
Oulton, N.R.R., So You Really Want To Learn Latin book 1 (42 copies)
Oulton, N.R.R., So You Really Want To Learn Latin book 2 (50 copies)
Oulton, N.R.R., So You Really Want To Learn Latin book 3 (40 copies)

Parsons, Clive & Wilson, John, A Basic Latin Vocabulary (2 copies)

Powell, Anton & Steele, Philip, The Greek News: Alexander Wins!

Purkis, John, Teach Yourself Greek Civilisation (2 copies)
Robinson, Lorna, Telling Tales in Latin (10 copies)

Rose, H.J., A Handbook of Latin Literature

Scottish Classics Group, Ecce Romani 1: Meeting the Family (2 copies)
Scottish Classics Group, Ecce Romani 2: Rome At Last
Scottish Classics Group, Ecce Romani 3: Food and Education (2 copies)
Scottish Classics Group, Ecce Romani 4: Tales and Plays (4 copies)
Scottish Classics Group, Ecce Romani 5: Pastimes and Ceremonies (4 copies)
Scottish Classics Group, Ecce Romani: Reference book 1 and 2 (2 copies of each)
Scottish Classics Group, Ecce Romani: Teacher's Book 2 (4 copies)
Shackell, John & Wilkes, Angela, Latin for Beginners (2 copies)

Sharpley, George, Get Started in Latin (2 copies)
Sharpley, George, Teach Yourself Beginners' Latin (2 copies)
Spooner, Adrian, Lingo  (2 copies)

Wilding, L., Latin course for schools part 2 (2 copies)

Wilson, Michael, Latin comprehensions (2 copies)


Dictionaries/Reference Works

Chambers Murray, Latin-English Dictionary (2 copies)

Collins Latin Dictionary and Grammar (2 copies)

Cornell, Tim & Matthews, John, Atlas of the Roman World (2 copies)

Croon, J.H., The Encyclopedia of the Classical World (2 copies)

Cunliffe, Barry (ed.), Swan Hellenic Cruise Handbook

Greek-English Lexicon (2 copies)

Hammond, N.G.L. & Scullard, H.H. (eds.), The Oxford Classical Dictionary (2nd Edition) (2 copies)

Hornblower, Simon (ed.), Oxford Classical Dictionary (2 copies)

Illustrated Dictionary of Archaeology (2 copies)

Levi, Peter, Atlas of the Greek World  (2 copies)

Lovric, Michelle & Mordas, Nikiforos D., How to Insult, Abuse and Insinuate in Classical Latin (2 copies)

Lovric, Michelle, Latin Stuff and Nonsense  (2 copies)

Oxford Dictionaries, Oxford Latin Dictionary Vols. 1 and 2 (2 copies)

Spatharis, Elisavet, Corinth – Mycenae – Nauplion – Tiryus – Epidaurus: Archaeological Sites and Museums  (2 copies)



Greenfield, Baroness, Vestigia Veteris Flammae (class. soc. address)
Harris, Robert, Togaed People (class. soc. address)
Kirkby, Emma, Orpheus and Corinna (CD)
Kraus, C.S. & Woodman, J., New Survey in the Classics No. 27 (2 copies)

Rowe, Christopher, Classics and The Life of Plocrates (class. soc address)

Schofield, Malcolm, Heroic Journeys (class. soc. address)

Singleton, G.M., Adventures with Aeneas

Stoneman, Richard, Books We Might Have Known (class Soc. address)

Stothard, Peter, One Night in Camden (class soc. address)