Minotaur Mural

Tags: Mural

The Minotaur Mural was the very first mural to be designed for the Centre. It was designed in March 2013 and painted in summer 2013. The mural contains allusions to the myth of Arachne (you can see the Radcliffe Camera in the process of transformation). Bursting out of its roof is the chariot of Sol, the sun god, driven by his son Phaethon. 

You can also see a modern version of the goddess Athena sitting on the roof of Blackwells bookshop. She is reading a book aloud, whose first words are the Latin "in initio" which translates as "In the beginning". A huge minotaur appears to be shaking books out of Tom Tower at the main entrance of Christ Church. 

There are many small details to be spotted in this mural, which covers a very large wall inside the Centre itself.

Design sketch