• Beginners Latin

    Tags: Latin, language class

    Teacher: Lewis Scarpelino

    Thursday at 6-7pm

    Starting 5th October 2017 at the Iris Classics Centre at Cheney

    Ages 14+/adult

    This is a ten week beginners course designed to introduce Latin … more

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  • Custom Courses

    Tags: Custom Courses

    We are very happy to create custom courses and workshops for school classes, homeschooling groups, adult education groups and others on a range of classical topics. We have some spaces … more

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  • Beginners Latin for children

    Tags: Latin, beginners

    Teacher: Elektra

    Sundays at 11-12

    Starting Sunday 15th October 2017

    at the Iris Classics Centre at Cheney

    Ages 7+

    This is a year long beginners course for children and families designed to … more

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