The Agora

Tags: Agora, Athens, debate, democracy, oratory

The "Agora" project encourages students from state schools, and their wider communities, to become involved in and engaged with debating and democracy. Named after the Athenian "agora" where citizens would gather to hear speakers, we aim to encourage students of all ages to take part in discussion and to hear talks by expert speakers from all walks of life. To this end, each term, we invite a prominent figure from public life to talk about some aspect of debate and democracy to our sixth form, as well as to meet the Cheney debating teams, and watch a debate in action.

We also run debating projects and workshops at primary and secondary level which introduce the first known democracy, and explore what it means to be a democracy and the importance of debate and oratory. Recent speakers have included Jeremy Paxman, and recent debate topics have included whether the school History curriculum is too Anglocentric.